So it seems our new youtube channel "Armada productions - happy wheels!" by "totalhappywheeler" isn't going so well. We've only posted 18 videos and our views are fiew, we also have 11 subscribers, and 15,857 video views added up together. So we might take this channel down sometime this month and make a new channel about something else. Perhaps about how to get free video games or something, or perhaps about how to play the guitar.

We have tried making our own official website using web matrix by microsoft, but it seems we definitely DO NOT know how to build a website out of html. So we'll have to stick with WebStarts. It's the best we have.

Recently we have just closed our last website "The Armada - site of misc downloads" a site alowing to download free psp games using CFW and some OFW. We have closed it because our download feed ( the upload site we used to enable the downloads ) has been shut down! most likely from SOPA and PIPA., RIP.
Wednesday, February, 15, 2012

Alright, boy have we got some news; it seems we have gotten back on track on free PSP games give away. A few games we have here to give.

first we got Angry birds

second we got GTA liberty city stories

third we also have GTA vice city stories.

there might be more added soon, we just need to find an upload website so we can upload more games of course. So that's what we've got for today.

John the site Admin​​.​​ 
Tuesday, February, 21, 2012